Clear Focus was founded in 1990 by founder and managing partner, Gary Brunson. Clear Focus is dedicated to stimulating rapid, profitable business growth through people productivity gains and support system advancements. Affiliated with Perspectives Consulting Alliance, Clear Focus brings the potential power and impact of multiple disciplines and strengths to every client they work with.

Gary Brunson
Gary Brunson, CEO of Clear Focus LLC, offers client specific consulting services focused on generational transfer of family ownership, leadership development, executive coaching, and infrastructure systems evaluation and redesign. Industrious all his life, from paper route through plant floor, domestic and international classrooms, insurance sales, financial services, and home office operations, it all culminated in his own consulting firm in 1989. His work with companies has resulted in restructuring the management team of a $35 million company to position it for growth to $100 million in 3 years. He has, over another three year period, guided the successful growth of a multiple corporation, family owned business to transition from the second generation owner, to a third generation owner. During this time he helped strengthen family relationships while guiding company restructuring, and the development of internal leadership strength to support company growth from $3 million to $12 million over a 3 year period. This company is well on its way to over $100 million in sales. Though he has several university degrees, Gary is passionate about results. Gary and his partner Debra Rider signed an agreement with TAB International in Denver Colorado to form The Alternative Board of North Central Indiana (TABNCI) in 2003. Through the TAB process, Gary expresses his passion for planning, implementation, measurement, results and accountability. In his 15 years of consulting prior to TAB, he experienced again and again the longing of business owners for a forum like the TAB board. In this TAB facilitator/business coaching role he is able to help owners and top executives maximize their talents, skills, knowledge and energy to accomplish their goals. For Gary, the bottom line is not what he has done, but what he can and will do for you to support you being able to get all that you want from your business and your life.

Debra Rider
Debra Rider, President of Clear Focus, LLC, shares fully in Gary’s passion for helping businesses. She manages operations for Clear Focus LLC. Debra grew up in a family business in north west Michigan. In the mid 80’s Debra began formal education in graphic arts and in organizational management while working full time at Bethel College in Mishawaka Indiana. Believing that work is honorable and being no stranger to hard work, she worked in housekeeping, food services and managed the theatre department where she quadrupled per show revenue during her 4-year tenure. Following the receipt of her degree in Organizational Management from Bethel College, she joined Gary’s consulting firm. She gradually assumed increasing responsibilities including marketing, customer service, operational planning, budgeting, cash flow management, sales, resource coordination and deployment, events planning, survey delivery and project management. In 2003 she decided to enter into partnership with Gary to form Clear Focus LLC and purchase the TAB franchise for north central Indiana. She expresses her passion for people and results through her daily management of all aspects of company operations. She believes deeply in perpetual learning, holding certification on all TAB systems as well as a half dozen major behavioral assessments and hiring systems.

Gary Brunson

Debra Rider


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