Conflict Resolution

Many people don’t consider conflict resolution an important part of planning for the future. Our experience over many years is that conflict is what stops great plans from being used effectively. Clear Focus, LLC strives to provide all of the tools needed to resolve issues occurring in the people’s lives and their businesses.

  • Getting to Yes
  • Behavior Styles
  • Identifying various interests
  • Determining desired outcomes
  • Gathering relevant information
  • Sifting the information
  • Determining Conflict Resolution Styles
  • Generating options
  • Evaluating the options
  • Making a decision
  • Implementing the solution
  • Evaluating results
  • Comparing results to desired outcomes
  • Making needed adjustments to obtain desired outcomes
  • Running effective meetings
  • Managing the meeting process
  • Governing boards
  • Peer advisory boards
  • Executive Management teams
  • Management teams
  • Focus groups
  • Customer Councils
  • Project teams
  • Executive or board retreats

Conflict is a normal, natural, and necessary part of all healthy relationships. We specialize in helping people develop greater comfort in constructively and productively managing the conflict that will naturally occur in their lives.

We do this by applying various assessments that are simple and easy to take, allowing us to pinpoint the origins of the conflict. We then provide a variety of individual or group interventions and support processes to bring resolution to the conflicts. Clear Focus then provides further support for all participants to manage future conflicts in a timely, constructive and productive manner.

Clear Focus will provide simple, easy to read and understand reports for individuals. Our staff will work with each individual to develop solutions to issues identified by the assessments. We provide individual mentoring and coaching to support individuals in developing better skills.

We facilitate team experiences that reduce communication barriers, increase trust, and open the door to more productive performance on an individual level, as well as collectively for the entire team.

Clear Focus provides this service not only for businesses but also for individuals and groups. All of us experience conflict from time to time in social groups, professional groups, in our families, with our spouse or significant other. Conflicts may arise prior to marriage, or during marriage, with children or parents, etc. We can work with you in whatever situation you find yourself to help you find your way through conflict, AND help you develop skills to be more comfortable in managing conflict as it arises in the future.

Conflict occurs all around us as well as inside of us. We specialize in the effective management of that conflict for a richer, fuller, more rewarding and satisfying life.

Examples of some of our assessments
  • TKI – A conflict mode assessment
  • B-M – A behaviors and motivators assessment
  • Tri Metrix HD – An assessment combining the B-M and Capacity and Competencies
  • EQ v2 – An assessment of emotional intelligence
  • LSI – An assessment for discovering learning style
  • Strong Interest Inventory – An assessment for discovering or clarifying life direction

Clear Focus uses assessments as a simple tool to determine what resources are necessary to achieve the most improvement. We also use processes like reframing, life coaching, mentoring, clarifying, communication skill training, group process training, brainstorming, problem solving, priority setting, creative thinking, etc. In other words, we draw on a widely varied, comprehensive and extensive education, informed and guided by years of experience and knowledge, which gives us the opportunity to take any kind of situation and support a person in effectively working through it.

Our primary clientele are privately held companies where the owner works within the company. We work with people who want to make things better and who are willing to open themselves up to personal and professional growth. When owners of companies are willing to do this, great things can happen, and we relish the opportunity to help you get there.

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