Wishart BellWishart Bell

Artistic Director, Musical Arts Indiana; Consultant to Not-for-Profits

In August of 2013, Gary Brunson gave a brief seminar to the Board of Directors of Musical Arts Indiana. This was a wonderfully effecting presentation to which our leadership continues to refer. In preparation for the project, Mr. Brunson interviewed at length board leadership to determine needs, goals, and priorities. His presentation then provided succinct summaries of these key issues, each including time for group processing and questions, followed by questions that called for board input regarding solutions. This time proved very profitable for our board, creating for us specific solutions to recurring problems. The solutions were simple – all it took was the correct approach to pulling them out.


Ray HunsbergerRay Hunsberger

Owner, Decision thru Data, LLC

I have enjoyed and appreciated my interactions with Gary as I transition into retirement. His insight and probing questions have helped focus on how I can continue to grow as an individual and as a consultant.


Mike PresnalMike Presnal

President at MCE, Inc.

I have worked with Gary for close to ten years. He has been very instrumental in moving MCE forward and developing my skills as a business leader. Many owners and business professionals would benefit from Gary’s perspective and experience.


Gerard McDonaldGerard McDonald

Vice President-Indiana at Medical Advantage Group

The word transitions is defined as providing a greater cohesion by making it more explicit or signal how ideas relate to one another. Gary is an expert at helping people realize for themselves how our thoughts and Ideas control where we are in life and who we become. He helps guide people through steps of logic,to understand the increments of our past and how we can bridge those life lessons to create the wonderfully successful people we are destine to become. Success is in all of us, and all we need to do is realize it and move forward. I highly recommend Gary Brunson.


Tina WeldyTina Weldy

Psychotherapist/Owner at Tina D. Weldy, Mental Health Counseling

Gary made an impact on me that changed the way I viewed myself in the world of business. He helped me to recognize that I did not need to give other people the power to define me or to impose their limits on my dreams and goals. He helped me to recognize ways in which I limited myself and to move beyond those limits. Gary asked thoughtful questions that gently pushed me outside of my comfort zone.

Karen A. Moscato

Karen A. Moscato

Business Consultant

Gary is a thoughtful, practiced leader. His wisdom and understanding guides you into best practices in order to increase your influence and success. Devoid of judgment, his solutions for your business is centered around your vision. Gary’s “Clear Focus” certainly opened doors for me.


Chuck HesterChuck Hester

Keynote Speaker, Sr.Integrated MarCom Executive, LinkedIn Workshop Leader, Content Marketer, Voice Over Talent

I had the privilege of working with Gary as I coached him through using LinkedIn for Business.

Gary was an eager participant in the training, implemented what he learned and was truly diligent in the process.

I have no doubt that he applies these same principles when he coaches other business professionals and owners.

I would recommend Gary if you every need business coaching.


Richard (Dick) WoodenRichard (Dick) Wooden

Leveraging Your CRM to Attract and Engage New Customers and Consistently Maintain Great Relationships

Gary is a professional who can help small business owners and entrepreneurs clarify their challenges, make a plan of action and help coach them in achieving positive outcomes.


Tim JohnsonTim Johnson

President & CEO, Bremtown Cabinetry

Working with Gary has been extraordinary. He has provided me the tools to develop as a person and as a business leader. His inside out approach is innovative, effective and game changing.

Robin Williamson

Robin Williamson

Independent Sales Rep

Gary has been so unbelieveable to work with. I have learned more in the time I have worked with him professionally and personally than I have my entire life. It is the best money I have ever spent and truly appreciate his knowledge and expertise. Every person should further their growth and development and he is the guy to go to. Thank you for all your help!


Carie A. YoungCarie A. Young

Health, Life & Medicare Adviser at HealthMarkets

The time I spent with Gary allowed me to clarify my personal aims as well as the career goals I have for myself. I agree with the name of his business as Clear Focus because honestly that is how you feel after you are guided through his thorough and detailed system of uncovering blocks you may have etc. I recommend his business to anyone looking for a mentor for their people or themselves to uncover the excellence we all have inside of us.


Ryan FriesenRyan Friesen

Head Distiller at Blinking Owl Distillery

I’ve known Gary in his roles as a coach, counselor, and mentor. The time I spent working with Gary gave me insight on my emotional choices, and tools to help me work through future challenges. Perhaps the most important piece of learning Gary helped me discover is that I have the power to effect the change I want. That is a lesson hard learned which requires, at least in my case, a great deal of bushwhacking through the thick forest of life. Gary lead me on the expedition, and thanks in great part to his guidance, I can now lead myself.


Tim DunnTim Dunn

President: Specified Components Company

Gary has counseled me through business and personal challenges systematically and logically… far better than I could have done myself. It is worth your time and money to work with Gary!!


Carolyn AndersonCarolyn Anderson

Instructor at Fort Hays State University

I’ve worked with Gary for over 20 years, and he has always had good advice, and a wonderful way of helping work through the challenges we all face. His insight is spot on, and his playful sense of how to work through barriers is awesome. If you want to develop a new strategy or solve a problem, Gary is the person to call! You won’t be disappointed!


Troy RumfeltTroy Rumfelt

CEO/CFO – Digital Hill Multimedia, Inc. CEO TabSite.com

I can’t thank Gary enough for the advice and direction he’s given for both my business and personal life. If you are looking for business consulting Gary is a great resource. He has vast business knowledge and has worked with several businesses.

Thanks again Gary!

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