How to Hold On to Millennial Employees

Millennials get a bad rap these days as job hoppers. However, most want to find a great company to grow with. In order to secure dynamic millennials as new hires, you’ll need to adjust how you interview and portray your company in the most attractive light for them.How to Hold On to Millennial Employees

Employee retention is essential, and you’ll find that life is downright painful without it. Companies with high staff turnover rates spend significant time and money on hiring. Spinning your wheels in the hiring process is exhausting and hurts employee morale.

There are ways to hold on to these millennials, reduce your turnover, and build a great team. Be sure your company takes the following steps and initiatives.

Take Your Time and Hire Right

The goal is to find a solid employee with a passion for your company and a drive to succeed. You will want to pass on the candidates that seem flighty with exaggerated dreams of fame and fortune. They won’t stick around long.

Also, hiring managers should embrace millennials that already have some job experience with other companies. They know what they like and don’t like at this point and may be more likely to settle in and stay longer.

Millennials Want a Two-way Street

Work-life balance is important to millennials. They have a willingness to work hard but expect quite a bit from their employers in return. Millennials demand outstanding working conditions, nice salaries, and desire growth opportunities.

There are several ways to provide them with what they want and create a pleasant two-way street. Try to offer them the following:

  • Flexible work hours
  • Great training programs
  • Ask for their opinions and preferences
  • Set clear guidelines and expectations
  • Applaud their achievements and efforts
  • Give them quick feedback
  • Be open to frequent communication 

Change Is Good

In your efforts to retain your millennial workforce, you will find that some changes need to be made within your company. Don’t shy away from this. Your style and culture may need to shift in order to create an environment where millennials will thrive and have the desire to stay and grow in their positions.

In recent years, millennials have brought new perspectives to the workforce. We have seen them embrace equality and diversity in the workplace, for example. They are open-minded and passionate. If you want to retain this talented group, then you’ll adjust accordingly and won’t be sorry you made the effort.

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3 Traits Warren Buffett Looks For When Hiring 251-3 traits.jpgThere is no specific recipe for hiring the right person. However, there are traits that you can look for to secure the most talented candidates for your company.

Warren Buffett is a renowned investor and considered extremely wise in business with an advanced skill set that enabled him to build some of the most profitable companies in the world.

Behind every great leader is a team of dynamic individuals. This is true of Buffett. What were the traits that he looked for as he hired his managers and advisors? Frequently, he speaks at universities and explains he looks for integrity, intelligence, and energy when hiring.


Obviously, candidates need to be intelligent. However, you can get the grades in class but not know how to apply the information you’ve learned and retained.

Intelligence is the basic requirement to consider when you hire. No one will work with or hire someone dumb and unequipped for the role. After you have the intelligence factor, then go to the next trait as you seek to hire.


Energy is essential for any new hire. This doesn’t mean that you want the most energetic and coffee-crazed person working for you. Rather, you want an energetic candidate to take initiative in your company.

Lazy people don’t get far in life but those with drive and passion do. Employees that take initiative and are proactive to get things accomplished will likely have that entrepreneurial spirit that you long for.


The right candidate to hire should be intelligent and energetic. There is one missing and yet very important trait to be considered…Integrity.

Integrity is something that your employees must have. They must be trustworthy, generous, and willing to do more than their fair share. You can’t pick your eye color or what you look like but you can decide whether you will live as a person with integrity.

Warren Buffett’s formula for a new hire is extremely useful and easy to follow. You don’t want an intelligent person without integrity because that could cause problems for your organization. Further, you wouldn’t want a lazy person with intelligence because it wouldn’t do you any good if they don’t take initiative.

Look for candidates that have intelligence, energy or initiative, and integrity. You will find that individuals with these traits will be an outstanding addition to your company.

Warren Buffett is living proof that hiring with these things in mind is beneficial to companies and teams seeking to grow.

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Implementing Big-Business Leadership

Regardless of the size of your business, strong and effective leadership is the key to success. In order to pull this off, you need to set a clear vision, engage your team, and get everyone focused on the common goals you wish to achieve.

The principles are the same for a large or small business, but the rollout can differ. Smaller companies don’t have the same training resources that larger firms do. However, there are several ways a small business can implement effective leadership that stays the course to reach the overall goals with a winning strategy.

Try the following:

Clear Goals

Be sure to be clear on winning the final goal and destination as a team. Leaders must paint an accurate picture of the vision and what it takes to pull it off. People will flounder without purpose, strategy, and clarity.

In small businesses, there are often fewer resources and manpower. Therefore, it can be more of a challenge to stay the course with a particular vision. The goal should be to stick to your plan and focus on the clear win. Don’t let your team get scattered and off course. Strong leadership will ensure this does not happen.

Effective Communication

Once you’ve conveyed the goal, be sure to consistently communicate the steps it will take to achieve it. Good old fashion face-to-face communication is still the best way to communicate in the business world. Smaller businesses really shine here because they are able to squeeze in more face time. Larger businesses have more miscommunication and longer wait times to get answers due to lack of simple in-person conversations.

Small businesses should still use email and other methods of communication, but a strong leader will try and help foster in-person communication on a regular basis too.

Delegate Freely

Strong leaders must be willing to delegate and get comfortable doing so too. If you are a small business that holds onto everything, then you’ll be overwhelmed and business will suffer. Large company managers realize they manage the people more than the work.

As a small business leader, figure out the workload that you could pass on to others and keep what you need to handle. Educate your team, send them to conferences, and give them materials to read to shape them to take on more responsibility.

Stay Focused

Small business leaders must keep their eye on the prize. What gets focused on actually gets done. Your team should see your focus and know what the top priorities are in order to stay focused on the vision at hand.

Professional leadership for small business will show evidence of a team on track, professional performance, and a team that works cohesively together. No matter the size of your company, outstanding leadership, coupled with clear vision, is essential.

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Sustainable Growth & Profit Consultant, Coach, Mentor and Counselor/Therapist for Business Owners and Professional.