We believe all people have UNIQUE TALENTS + SKILLS

Clear Focus LLC / TABNCI

We believe all people have UNIQUE TALENTS + SKILLS of which they are often unaware. Clear Focus LLC exists to REVEAL + HARNESS this talent using the SCIENCE OF SELF®

Research Beyond Statistics

TALENTS + SKILLSThe popularity of assessments has increased in recent years. Luckily for our clients we’ve been researching and validating our assessments with data norming and rigorous data analysis for over three decades.

Our pursuit of the Science of Self has made us both a pioneer and a trailblazer in the assessment industry for over 30 years.

Let us show you how… Contact us today!

Gary Brunson

Debra Rider


Sustainable Growth & Profit Consultant, Coach, Mentor and Counselor/Therapist for Business Owners and Professional.

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